Celebrating 20 Years

September 25, 2015

Ponce City Market

After working for the past several years on all aspects of Ponce City Market’s construction program management, Silverman CPM is thrilled to see visitors enjoying the new space.

Friday, September 25, 2015, Silverman Construction Program Management (CPM) marked its 20th anniversary by doing what it’s been doing since day one — work it believes in. President and founder Arnie Silverman says, “I really want people to understand the importance of doing something you believe in. We believe in this organization. We started in 1995 and now, 20 years later, we’re caring about, contributing to, and constructing more projects than ever before.”

The list of active and recently completed Silverman CPM projects touches on nearly all spheres of construction; from commercial, to residential and streetscape, to nonprofit. Some active and recently completed projects include:

Most recently, Silverman CPM was awarded a contract with the Board of Regents to develop a new student services center at Atlanta Metropolitan State College. “Construction, in and of itself, is very rewarding,” says Silverman, “It’s a very physical product that you’re doing. We’ve found our niche — and we’ve been able to develop a reputation because of that.”

One of Silverman’s greatest passions is its involvement with non-profit work. The inspiration to start Silverman CPM came from Arnie’s association with the launch of Camp Twin Lakes, which offers life-changing experiences for children facing serious illness, disabilities, and other challenges. Arnie wanted to do more to give back to his community, and Silverman CPM began as a one-person shop focused primarily on assisting non-profit and community organizations navigate the complexities of their construction programs.

Over the next several months, we will be presenting 20 For 20, a regular feature in this space, highlighting Silverman CPM’s engagement in the non-profit sector. Please check back regularly to learn about the remarkable nonprofit projects that have embodied the spirit of Silverman CPM for the past 20 years — a spirit that promises to keep the company caring, contributing, and constructing for many years to come.

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