At Silverman CPM, it is our philosophy that long-term relationships are far more important than any short-term profit from a given project. We are tremendously proud of our lasting association with repeat clients for whom we have done multiple projects over the years. We go above and beyond to ensure our programs are conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect for all stakeholders.


Though we work in many sectors, the vision for Silverman CPM is rooted in community service. In the early 1990s, Arnie Silverman served on the board of a non-profit endeavor to develop Camp Twin Lakes, a special camp for Georgia youth facing illness and other life challenges. That rewarding experience inspired Arnie to build his own business with an eye towards working with partners who want to better their communities and enrich the lives of those around them.

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Silverman CPM serves as a champion for the Owner, providing exclusive representation for contractual processes and the management of relationships with the entire project team. Using our proprietary program management system, we facilitate all aspects of a project, emphasizing collaboration and a focus on time, cost, and quality management. We work to ensure the Owner’s needs are monitored and addressed through every phase of the project.

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