Top 5 – Benefits of Construction Program Management

September 9, 2015


This week, we sat down with Silverman CPM’s newest staffer, veteran architect and project manager Art Clement. We asked Art how he might describe the benefits of construction program management to a potential client. He ticked off his top five:

1 – Qualified Leadership
“One of the strengths of a construction program management team like Silverman’s,” Art says, “Is that our project managers have a wide range of qualifications. For instance, my background in architecture and planning perfectly complements the engineering and construction experience of Silverman’s founder and principal, Arnie Silverman. Together, we can offer clients expertise across all aspects of a project — from due diligence and design, all the way through to procurement, construction, and punch list.”

2 – Experienced Teams
Art’s brother is an ophthalmologist and an expert in Lasik surgery. He has performed over a thousand of these procedures. Art says, “When you are hiring someone to do a project, it makes good sense to hire someone experienced in doing exactly the kind of work you need. Construction program managers, as opposed other kinds of project managers, have experience in seeing programs through from idea, to unveiling, and beyond. With 20 years of experience on all kinds of construction management projects, from non-profit capital improvements to private developments and city streetscape or park initiatives, Silverman CPM is as expert and experienced at construction program management as my brother is at eye surgery.”

3 – Connected Partnerships
“Construction program managers,” Art tells us, “are like orchestra directors. It’s our job to keep the orchestra humming along and to whip everyone into a crescendo — or a pianissimo — when the time comes. Successful construction program managers, like Silverman CPM, have spent years nurturing connections and building partnerships. It’s those authentic and time-tested relationships that keep the strings interacting with the horns, and the percussionists supporting the woodwinds. Without them, the entire ensemble is apt to dissolve into chaos.”

4 – Confidence and Chemistry
Art says, “I’ve worked on a lot of projects with church building committees. Often times, the members of these building committees (like most first-time developers) are inexperienced with the design and construction process. Yet because the building committee is so committed to the mission of their church, they are asked to place an enormous trust in the consultants they hire. By building a strong rapport with the committee, and by helping them better understand each step of the process, a construction program manager instills confidence, and enables clients to feel invested with how their project is taking shape.

5 – Cost Benefits
“My sister,” Art says, “mentors executives and business leaders as an Executive Coach. In the same way that she molds and guides her candidates, construction program managers guide and mentor their project teams. Without expert and patient shepherding, project teams — like inexperienced CEOs — can run off the rails in the costliest of fashions. A well-run construction management program can actually provide multiple benefits by leveraging personal relationships, maximizing team efficiencies, and steering clear of potential pitfalls that result in lost time and money.

In addition to championing the benefits of construction program management, Art is an advocate for historic preservation. He enjoys playing jazz trombone and spending time with his wife and extended family in Atlanta. Learn more about Art, his background, and experience >>

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