Silverman Client Works to End Childhood Poverty

January 19, 2016

Though Silverman CPM works in many sectors, the vision for the company is rooted in community service. We are enormously proud of our involvement with wonderful partners over the years that share our belief in enriching the lives of others.

Currently, we are honored to be working with Families First, a beacon of hope that has been connecting, strengthening, and sustaining families in Atlanta for 125 years. With our assistance, Families First will open the doors this spring to a new resource center on Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard The refurbished 2.1-acre site will feature a new 38,000 sq. ft. facility that will allow the organization to better serve families in need.

In recognition of the MLK Jr. holiday, Families First CEO Kim Anderson wrote a beautiful op-ed piece about the growing problem of childhood poverty, and the steps necessary to realize Dr. King’s hope for the Beloved Community. We encourage you to read this fine article from the Saporta Report that illustrates the many hurdles still before us.

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