Our Sustainable and Philanthropic Office Relocation

February 27, 2020

Everyone who has ever relocated knows the entire process of moving is a challenge – especially if you aren’t taking everything with you – and even more so if you are deeply passionate about sustainability and reuse.

All of us at Silverman are proud of our dedication to philanthropy and sustainability. We are also pretty proud to report that our operations continued fully during our relocation to Industrious at Ponce City Market. The move was a success and we are very happy in our new home.

We hope it warms your heart as much as ours to hear that we were able to find excellent organizations to donate our excess furniture, technology, appliances, supplies, and the various odds and ends accumulated over two decades.  Materials or supplies that were not useful anymore were recycled or taken to CH@RM, Atlanta’s Center for Hard to Recycle Materials.

The incomplete list of organizations that we donated to includes:

We were especially delighted that our new friends at Industrious were able to help us find new organizations we weren’t already familiar with:

Darium Maxwell and Mary-Kate Starkel from redefinED Atlanta, our next-door Industrious office neighbors, introduced us to:

Lexi, one of our amazing Community Managers at Industrious Ponce City Market referred us to Ethos Classical Charter School.


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