One hidden benefit of using a Construction Project Manager

January 31, 2017

The use of a Construction Project Manager may not even be a consideration when starting on a construction project. Many times, Project Managers are hired after a construction project starts going wrong and they are tasked with saving the project and bringing it back on track. Unfortunately, that late in the game, the project is already off schedule and likely over budget. Not only is this undesirable for the project, but if fundraising is a required part of construction projects, mismanaged projects look bad to donors and foundations.

Using a Construction Project Manager with proven success is a definite asset to any fundraising strategy or capital campaign. Ideally, a Project Manager would be hired in the very beginning of a project, even if there needs to be a pause in the process to pursue funding. Engaging a skilled Construction Project Manager is a selling point to potential donors and foundations. They help ensure that a project budget is reasonably accurate, the schedule is realistic, and the overall quality is optimal.

If a construction project is part of a larger program, a successful project proves to donors and foundations that the next project is worth funding. Don’t be misled by low-ball estimates or assurances that a Construction Project Manager is an unnecessary expense. Construction Project Managers exclusively represent the Owner’s interests – meaning they are committed to ensuring project success.

At Silverman CPM, we are experts at balancing the triple constraint: quality/scope, schedule, and cost. We act as a champion for the Owner’s interests and facilitate a collaborative team environment with open communication. Our involvement in a construction project ensures success, instilling confidence in donors and foundations.

Some quotes from an anonymous Owner/Client & Project Team Member Survey:

Comment from a Project Team Architect: “Saved the clients time and dollars, made the whole process easier for the entire group, including myself and contractor.”

Comment from an Owner: “What they did for us was not just saving money – it’s also having to do with quality – materials, workmanship, relationships, and all that.”

Comment from a Project Team Contractor: “They expedite the process and help the owner understand pricing.”

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