Why should we use Silverman CPM for our project?

There are other firms that offer some similar types of services, but Silverman CPM brings a very unique methodology to a broad spectrum of programs. While some management firms specialize only in medical facilities and others handle only higher education programs and similar niches, Silverman CPM works in these areas as well as commercial buildings, streetscapes, parks and recreation centers, religious campuses, and much more.

No firm offers a more highly skilled, professional team to its clients than Silverman CPM. With years of experience in every facet of a construction program, we can offer our clients expert advice and direction from architects, developers, designers, engineers, building contractors, environmental specialists, and more. We analyze your needs so we provide the right project manger and support team for your job.

Perhaps most importantly, Silverman CPM serves exclusively as Owner representative project managers. We do not do construction, design, or development. All we do is represent the Owner, so we can provide a highly qualified, objective viewpoint that is free from conflict of interest. The best outcome for the Owner is our singular objective.

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