We don’t know exactly what you do. Where should we start?

We tailor our approach to each individual client, so it is important for us to share details about our services, while also learning more about your project needs. We have found that the simplest approach is to schedule a meeting with members of our team and the Owner, building committee, board members, and other key stakeholders in the project. We provide a PowerPoint presentation that helps explain what exactly you are embarking upon with a construction project. This presentation helps answer many of the questions you most likely have about how to go about a construction program, educates you on the types of services we offer, and provides a chance for us to ask questions and learn more about the needs of your program.

If you are considering a construction program, or simply want more information about Silverman CPM’s process, please contact us. After this preliminary discussion, we can scope out the project and provide an accurate price structure for services.

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