Bearings Bike Shop – Building community, one bike at a time!

February 16, 2017

OBearings Bike Shop - Building community, one bike at a time!ne of Silverman CPM’s passions is working with non-profit and “for purpose” organizations, and we are very excited about one of our newest clients, Bearings Bike Shop. But wait, this is no ordinary bike shop… they are “building community, one bike at a time.”

Kids earn stars that can buy bikes or supplies by doing community service and working on shop bikes while learning useful skills. Kids in their “Skills For Life Program” are eligible to apply for paid summer internships. The Bearings Bike Shop model creates community, teaches essential life skills, and helps at-risk youth develop hard skills and soft skills as they develop character strengths.

Bearings Bike Shop

Tim and Becky O’Mara with their daughter & one of the kids of Bearings Bike Shop.

Bearing Bike Shop is not just for kids. The shop functions as an open workspace for the community. Kids and adults alike use the shop space and tools to keep their bikes in working order. Supplies can be earned, or purchased for a donation, and everyone is encouraged to learn how to fix their own bikes. As a result, the shop serves as a community gathering space where all are welcome.

“Give a kid a bike, and he will simply ride it wherever he goes, but let him earn the bike, and you can make him a part of the community. Make him a contributing member of his family and community, and you have the makings of a confident, responsible, and healthy child who has a significantly less chance of falling into a life of crime and violence. and the support of a community that values his contribution.” –

With three locations on the Westside, Bearings Bike Shop has become a gathering spot for kids and neighbors alike. Their vision is to expand, and build more bike shops around the Atlanta BeltLine to serve additional neighborhoods. We’re honored to be working with Bearings Bike Shop to enlarge and renovate their Adair Park location.

Find out how you can support Bearings Bike Shop – including donating old bikes. 

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