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Post-Construction Phase & the 11 Month Walk-through

Attention to every detail is important even when the construction work is finished. The Silverman CPM closeout procedure protects the Owner, and provides all the information and training necessary to operate the new/renovated buildings. We also engage in a thorough review process to make sure there are no loose ends Continue reading

August 10, 2017


Construction Term of the Month: Greensward

Greensward is a fancy way of describing grass-covered ground, but it has come to mean much more than its simple definition. When construction professionals, landscape architects, and others in the industry refer to a Greensward, it typically indicates a very large public park or green space. The famous “Greensward Plan” Continue reading

August 29, 2016


Construction Term of the Month: Building Envelope

In construction, the physical enclosure of a building and environmental separator is referred to as the building envelope. It is the physical separator between the conditioned and unconditioned environment of a building including the resistance to air, water, heat, light, and noise transfer. The building envelope of a usually consists of its roof, Continue reading

July 8, 2016


Construction Term of the Month: Vapor Intrusion

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines vapor intrusion as “the general term given to migration of hazardous vapors from any subsurface contaminant source, such as contaminated soil or groundwater or contaminated conduit(s), into an overlying building or unoccupied structure via any opening or conduit.” In other word, volatile chemicals that Continue reading

June 7, 2016


Construction Term of the Month: GMP – Guaranteed Maximum Price

GMP – Guaranteed Maximum Price – is a misunderstood yet widely used contract form of agreement.  A GMP represents the guaranteed maximum price based upon a certain set of contract documents (e.g. plans, specifications). GMP is also based upon certain assumptions, clarifications and allowances assumed by the general contractor in his Continue reading

May 31, 2016


Construction Term of the Month: The Two GCs

In the construction industry, there are two different meanings of the acronym GC: GC – General Contractor GC’s – General Conditions Most people are aware of the term General Contractor (GC). The GC is the main contractor who is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a construction site and hiring Continue reading

May 17, 2016


Construction Term of the Month: Commissioning

Welcome to the newest addition to the Silverman CPM blog: Construction Term of the Week! Every industry has technical lingo that can feel like a foreign language to outsiders. We thought it would be helpful (and fun!) to explain common terms and their history. Commissioning In construction, the Commissioning (Cx) Continue reading

May 3, 2016